7. Credits

The paper for spectre is currently being prepared. If you use spectre in your work and wish to publish in the meantime please refer the project’s web page: https://github.com/maplesond/spectre.git

Additionally, spectre consists on a number of tools that have already been published, if your work uses any of these pre-published tools please also cite the associated publication(s). A reverse chronological list of all publications related to tools now built into spectre are in the table below.

Monika Balvociute, Andreas Spillner and Vincent Moulton, 2014. FlatNJ: A novel network-based approach to visualize evolutionary and biogeographical relationships. Systematic Biology.
Stefan Grunewald, Andreas Spillner, Sarah Bastkowski, Anja Bogershausen and Vincent Moulton, 2013. SuperQ: computing supernetworks from quartets. EE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics.
Sarah Bastkowski, Andreas Spillner and Vincent Moulton, 2013. Fishing for minimum evolution trees with Neighbor-Nets. Information Processing Letters.
Dan Levy and Lior Pachter, 2010. The Neighbor-Net Algorithm. Advances in Applied Mathematics.
Stefan Grünewald, Kristoffer Forslund, Andreas Dress and Vincent Moulton, 2006 QNet: An Agglomerative Method for the Construction of Phylogenetic Networks from Weighted Quartets Molecular Biology and Evolution Volume 24, Issue 2

SPECTRE is an international collaboration. Active contributors to spectre are listed in the following table (in publication order):

Name Email Current Institute Contribution
Daniel Mapleson daniel.mapleson@earlham.ac.uk Earlham Institute (EI) General software development, testing, optimisation and codebase management
Sarah Bastkowski sarah.bastkowski@earlham.ac.uk Earlham Institute (EI) SuperQ, NetMake, NetME, NeighborNet Implementation, Algorithms, Optimisers
Monica Balvociute ??? University of Otago FlatNJ, NetView
Andreas Spilner anspillner@gmail.com NA Mathematics, Algorithms, Optimisers, SPECTRE development
Taoyang Wu taoyang.wu@gmail.com University of East Anglia (UEA) Mathematics, Testing
Vincent Moulton vincent.moulton@cmp.uea.ac.uk University of East Anglia (UEA) Mathematics, Algorithms

In addition, the people that contributed to the original tools which are now contained within spectre are listed in the following table (in alphabetical order):

Name Contribution
Anja Boegershausen SuperQ
Kristoffer Forslund QNet
Stephan Gruenewald QNet, SuperQ